About usΒ 

Here at Hype Tea, our mission is to deliver quality tea and service while giving you the very sought after hypebeast lifestyle experience.Β 

Hype Tea was founded because of our family's love for boba drinks and hyped sneakers. We thought the two go hand and hand, so Hype Tea was created.

🌟 Get Hyped at Hype Tea Boba! 🌟

Discover the Ultimate Boba Tea Experience Right Here!

πŸ₯€ Step into a World of Flavor πŸ₯€

At Hype Tea Boba, we're more than just a boba tea shop – we're a destination for taste sensations and unforgettable moments. Come on in and experience the Hype!

🌈 What Sets Hype Tea Boba Apart?

βœ… An Array of Exotic Tea Bases

βœ… Handcrafted Bubble Teas with Premium Ingredients

βœ… Countless Flavor Combinations to Suit Your Mood

βœ… Freshly Made Tea Every Day

βœ… Vegan and Dairy-Free Options Available

βœ… Personalized Sugar Levels for Your Sweet Tooth

🍹 Our Signature Drinks:

🐯 Tiger Brown Sugar Milk Tea : Sweet Caramel in Every Sip!

🍯 Honeydew Milk Tea: Sweet, Crisp, and Irresistible!